Although I would have to consider each request for work on its own merits before being able to offer a full quotation, my pricing comes under two main categories, which are detailed below:

Up and Shoot –

This is basically where I just take one to four spots on a site and just fly up to a fixed height, take the shots or footage needed and land. For each site or building that is up to 1 acre in area, I charge £100. This pricing applies to all of the services I offer.

Surveying –

This is where we literally do a full survey of a field or an area of land up to 1 acre in area using any mixture of techniques to obtain the information you require. For each site, I charge £250.

Mileage –

The above prices are a guide only and  if the site is located more than 20 miles from where I am based in Colchester, I charge 30p a mile.

Post Processing/Editing

If you require your footage or imagery to be edited afterwards then it will depend upon the amount of work required as to whether any additional fees will apply. Please contact me with full details of your requirements and I will provide you with a full quotation.