Graham - Pilot

Graham McKean BA – Qualified UAV /Drone Pilot

My name is Graham and I am a fully qualified UAV/drone pilot, licensed with the Civil Aviation Authority here in the UK, (CAA ID 3932).  As well as having permission to fly drones weighing less than 7Kg commercially, I also have full insurance for all the projects I undertake.

As a graduate of Archaeology, it was during my studies that I realised there was a really important role that drones could play in archaeological prospection and the identification of potential archaeological sites of interest, that would otherwise go undetected.

It is from this that I decided to explore the technology and really see how helpful it could be not just to archaeology but to any industries that could benefit from it.

Another part of the appeal for me is finding solutions using drone technology that currently are only met using traditional aircraft.

As well as doing archaeological prospection and identifying archaeology sites using technologies such as NDVI, this technique can also be used in agriculture to help identify areas of weak crops.

For full details of the aerial imaging services I offer, as well as a general price guide, please check the Services section.